Gifting Got Your Brain On Freeze Mode? We’ve Got The Remedy

We all know the feeling: that special event is nearing -- creeping closer and closer to your presence and with every day that goes by the anxiety over picking a remotely decent gift for your special individual in mind builds and mounts until it's pretty much almost unbearable.

The dread of having to rifle through items and brainstorm ideas for decent gifts can be pretty daunting at times. I mean, let's be real, we're all busy. Most of us work a minimum of eight hours a day, five days a week and many of us work much more than that.

Throwing other responsibilities associated with adulthood in the mix such as keeping track of bills, maintaining relationships so we don’t wind up the reclusive house hermit on the block, handling parenting duties, children's events and more and can often times seem like we just can't quite ever get a break. Throwing in gift selection for the pending holiday or a loved one’s special day is just another responsibility amongst an already endless sea.

Don't be that person that defaults to Visa gift cards every year. Sure, everyone loves a little extra cash – and no one is going to complain by any means whatsoever, but what people love even more is knowing that you took the time out of your busy schedule to put a little bit of effort into their gift just so they could end up with some warm and fuzzies as the icing on top.. Click here to read full article