Top Wedding Gift Ideas

Wedding season is here and 2017 is the year for some of the best weddings. So what are you going to get the bride and groom-to-be? It seems like practically everyone struggles with this question when it comes to weddings.

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Wedding Season Is Upon Us! Here Are Our Top Wedding Gift Ideas To Cement Your Status As Favorite

Wedding season is here and 2017 is the year for some of the best weddings. So what are you going to get the bride and groom-to-be? It seems like practically everyone struggles with this question when it comes to weddings. We want to make sure that we get the most awesome gift within our budget range but sometimes it’s just so hard to narrow it down!

Well, first thing is first. When it comes to wedding gifts, the best concept to keep at the forefront of your mind is practicality. Thinking of gifts that are practical and useful is a much better approach than opting for something crazy and kitschy. This is because when it boils down to it – they need some basic stuff! If you want to get a gift that wows – opt for utility and put yourself in their shoes.

So, in order to help you along your journey, we’ve listed our top 11 wedding gift ideas for this summer to help give you a little shot of inspiration.

1. KitchenAid Artisan Series 5 quart tilt head stand mixer

Price: Retails for around $459.00 on the KitchenAid website but Amazon has them for around $200.00

Every woman who enjoys cooking wants a KitchenAid stand mixer. These things are awesome and they’re so versatile! With extensions, you are capable of doing about anything you want in the kitchen. So help your bride to be get her Betty Crocker/Martha Stewart on! This is definitely a tried and true that will leave your bride and her husband thanking you many times over.

2. Lodge Cast Iron 12 Inch Skillet
Price: $30.00

A true cooker will beg for cast iron skillet. Cooking enthusiasts understand the values of these little gems and understand the wonder that can become of them wen seasoned correctly. Time and time again flavors emerge out of the cast iron that will make you feel as if you’re in food paradise.

Cast irons have been used and passed down from family to family in the past – practical heirlooms! So get the tradition started today with your bride and groom and have them and their tummies thanking you to the end.

3. Air B&B gift cards

Prices vary.

What better gift than the gift of expanded horizons and new adventures?! Yep – you’re kind of the best. With the gift card for an Airbnb, you're already giving a couple a secret getaway for a weekend or just a sneak away during the week from the everyday hustle and bustle of life. Come on, this is kind of like every couples dream gift right? I mean, if we had a gift list with just one item on it, it would probably be this.

4. On The Day You Were Married Personalized Anniversary Chronicle Canvas Print

Price: $55.98

So this little gem is what we like to call #totesadorable. The 12x18” canvas print comes with various information specific to your special day. The company researches the events that happened around the world and includes information such as the Presdient at the time as well as headline news and top movies, songs and sports. It also includes information on the cost of living and is personalized with your wedding bride and groom’s names and wedding information.

The canvas is high quality, museum grade and you are additionally able to choose a custom frame should you prefer. 

5. Audible Subscription

Price: $14.95/month

Audible is an awesome tool to have at your disposal because it opens you up to a world of learning, possibilities, self-help, improvement and experiences. It is the largest audiobook database out there and contains over 180,000 titles on the most popular books on the market. The topics and experiences are endless and individuals love it because they are able to listen on the go anywhere, anytime on any subject their hearts desire.

6. Blue Apron two-person meal plan

Price: Varies from $119.99 to $359.99

Why not bring a couple together in the kitchen with this gift? Blue Apron has meal plans that will serve the couple perfectly and they can enjoy each other's company in the kitchen while cooking together. It offers a wide selection of healthy options and is a great gift for those newlyweds to get them both started off on the right track. Meals include delicious deals such as marinated shrimp and gnocchi as well as summer vegetable tartines and roasted chicken and panzanella salad! Yum! 

7. Personal Stylist Subscription
It would be kind of impossible to avoid being the favorite friend in the group with style box subscriptions for that special him and her. Keep your bride and groom chic and trendy by helping them out with a personal style box subscription. Websites such as Stitchfix , Wantable and Rachel Zoe all offer awesome options for upping your wardrobe game and would make any person one happy camper to receive. 

8. Bitcoin

Hey, why not get your wedding group cryptocurrency! Apparently, this is totally happening. According to a recent article, more and more tech-savvy millennials are gifting in bitcoins and other forms of cryptocurrency. In fact, one Business Insider editor commented that a bitcoin gift was the best wedding gift she ever got. Why? Because when she received the gift it was valued at around $230, but by the end of the year it had doubled. A year after that her and her husband’s wedding gift was valued at $2,383. It may be volatile and risky, but it’s hard to not admit that it wasn’t a cool idea that panned out well.

9. Anything on Groupon

Price: Varies

What better gift than literally anything under the face of the sun. Groupon is probably one of the most popular voucher websites out there and offers innumerable resources for travel, health and fitness, spa packages, events and activities. The possibilities are endless! Get your bride and groom a distillery tour or dinner to an awesome new and trendy restaurant. You could get spa packages for couples massages, race car courses and more. When you think about it, it’s pretty exciting. 

10. A prepaid Visa Mastercard or American Express gift card.

Price: Varies

Honestly, you really can’t go wrong with this one. It is a sure fire way to guarantee your bride and groom will love their gift. It’s the one gift that manages to take all of the anxiety out of the process of gifting. Even if it sits in the bottom of the bride's purse or in the groom's wallet for an extended period of time (newsflash: it won’t) – it is additionally a great resource for any emergency last-minute needs that could arise. Like, what if the bride totally maxed out her shopping budget for the month only to find out the next day Neimann Marcus had an insane sale? Can you say #emergency #lifethreatening.