Your Giftspiration for Father’s Day

As Father’s Day fast approaches, many of us are reminiscing over all of the special things our dads have done for us. We are also currently feeling the pressure of what to get one of the most important people in our lives.

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Your Giftspiration for Father’s Day

By Danni Holland-Ingram

As Father’s Day 2017 fast approaches, many of us are reminiscing over all of the special things our dads have done for us. We are also currently feeling the pressure of what to get one of the most important people in our lives. Your dad, whether you want to embrace it or not has played a large part in forming the human being you have grown up to become, and as such deserves to be honored on his special day.

We understand that dad’s come in all forms, shapes and sizes. For some, it might be a grandad who played the father figure, or an uncle, or whoever that person is; who has filled in the loving arms of a father figure. You might even be buying your husband a Father’s Day gift or helping your kids pick one out. All in all the pressure is on! If you are one of those people who have already purchased your dad a gift, good on you! Although, we kind of envy you for having it all together. 

For the rest of us, we still need to rush to the store before Sunday, so we don’t seem like ungrateful children come the 18th of June. Worry not though, we have compiled a list of some of the top 5 gifts you can get your dad for Father’s Day 2017 so that you can reclaim your throne as the favorite child. Ready? Let’s go!

First and foremost, before we go any further, we do need state that, no one knows or understands the relationship you share with your dad better than you do. This list, is meant as a simple guide, and what you ultimately get your dad needs to be something he will appreciate. Okay then, let’s fire it up!

The Sports Nut

If you know your dad is an avid sports fan or player; then there are some amazing gifts you could pick out for him. Is he a golfing fanatic? Get him a new set of golf clubs and a new golfing outfit to match.

Is he a soccer fan? His favorite team’s soccer jersey or better yet favorite player’s jersey engraved with his name could just melt your dad’s heart.

How about if he is a football fan -- pre-ordered tickets to next year’s Superbowl? Or perhaps a signed jersey from his favorite player? You could even settle for a sports themed licence plate or even all the merchandise linked to his favourite team.

Think creative. You may not have much time left but sports stores are always open and the internet is still a good friend with tons of niche sites available to browse.

Bubbly and Cigars

You know whether your dad is a fan of quality alcohol if you remember him always pouring a glass just before bedtime and sitting by the fire on cold winter nights. Why not spoil him with a decently priced bottle of whiskey or rum or better yet, hit up a specialty site for personalized whiskey barrels to fit the theme.

If your dad is more of a beer guy, then consider a set of beer tasting glasses, each engraved with a reason why you love him -- this one could definitely be a winner. If you can top this off with a beer carrying case, then you are guaranteed to be his favorite person this year and the main envy of your fellow siblings. Can you say #winning?

 If your dad is more of a wine man, then get him a trip to visit a vineyard in your area. This way, he will get to see how wine is made, taste some, and you can end it all off with buying him a couple of bottles. Now wouldn’t that be a Sunday afternoon well spent?

Maybe your dad isn’t an alcohol kind of man, maybe he just prefers his cigars. A fresh box of rich smelling cigars might just be what your dad needs and if he’s already well-stocked there are tons of accessories and personalization options that can leave him happy as a clam.

The Music Lover

Now, your dad might not look like the type of guy who even likes music, but take it from us he does! He might not be the biggest fan of your type of music or even music from this particular era (or maybe even a few back) but trust us -- there is certainly music he does like.

Think back to your childhood. Take a trip with us down memory lane. What music was your dad jamming to in the those days? Which bands were his favorite or which songs can you remember him singing along to or teaching you? He might be a classical music lover, a jazz fanatic or an all out Alice Cooper maniac – whatever the case – figure it out.


Who knows! You might find that his favourite band or musician is still touring today. You’d be surprised, a lot of older bands and artists are still gigging and on the off-chance they’re not, if they were at any point in time remotely popular – chances are there are cover groups a dime a dozen! Why not surprise your dad with some awesome tickets and make him feel like a young buck again. It will surely ignite some old memories.

You could also consider buying him an old school vinyl player, and source some of his favorite bands and musicians on vinyl records. This would be an insanely thoughtful and creative gift that any parent no matter the age would cherish.

The Techster

Depending on which decade your dad was born in, technology might or might not be his best friend. Whichever is true, most guys are just suckers for new tech, and your dad most likely is too. With so many new inventions, there is bound to be something your dad wants to get his hands on.

Maybe he likes watching his sports – so why not deck him out with a brand new home theatre system or get him an Amazon Fire Stick or subscription to an awesome sports channel he doesn’t already have. No matter the hobby, there’s always a tech related product or accessory that can help enhance it.

The DIY’er

Is your dad a skilled DIY’er? Does he pretty much deserve his own HGTV show? Then he might be in need of some new tools. You could spoil him with a brand new decked out DIY kit or a special tool that he’s always been meaning to get or constantly talks about needing but never purchases. If your dad is an avid gardener who spends all his free time nurturing his plants, then consider getting him a new gardening kit, and don’t forget the gardening apron and boots (ha!).

Ultimately, the important thing, is to spoil your dad in a way that he will feel the most appreciated and recognized. Your dad will treasure a gift that shows how much you know him – whether it’s a five-day cruise or a handwritten card. A gift on Father’s Day may never measure up to all the awesome things your dad has done for you. Nothing actually can -- but it is a way of letting him know that you appreciate him so make it count.