Unicorn Birthday Party

How about pastel colors with a hint of oomph? Yes, we are talking about Unicorn party that can be the next magical birthday theme for your little baby.

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How to Throw a Magical Unicorn Birthday Party?

How about pastel colors with a hint of oomph? Yes, we are talking about Unicorn party that can be the next magical birthday them e for your little baby . You must be searching pinterest to make the best theme out of the Unicorn party . We know that it is pretty competitive, time consuming and at times pretty expensive too in order to get a desired Unicorn birthday.

No wonder, here we have compiled some eye candy and the trendy unicorn party ideas , that you can follow , execute and make the beautiful Unicorn birthday party, a part of your cherishing memories. Before you start you have to list do wn all necessary i t ems that needs to be synced with Unicorn themes. For a starter or even for professionals , here is a list to start off. You have to cover decor elements; sweets, cake , props, goodies and costumes make it a wonder unicorn theme.

What to start with, yes the Balloon s ! This is the basic item that is never a miss in any of the birthday parties Balloons that fits the Unicorn theme should be confetti with the right fit of glitter. Who can say no to confetti? We hope it s not you, if so we would like reconsideration about the eccentric beauty of confetti.  

Have you ever heard any picture or group photos without the props? It is not the case anymore. You can get a lot of options, like y ou can get digital files, paste it on the stick and her you can take Unicorn filled photo g raphs.

Here comes the costume for kids and goodie bags. So if you have little cute babies out there you can definitely get them all to wear the Unicorn themed hair catch that can add beauty to the little ones. For the goodies bags you shouldn’t miss the tons of Unicorn toys options. It can be badges, stickers, hair pins, keychain, rings, stamps and much more.


Now comes the cake table that requires pre designed supplies that shouldn’t get your whole day . What if you are putting a lot of effort to join the themed pieces and still you haven’t got the perfect look? There are pre assembled Unicorn  themed party supplies available that includes banners and utensils of high quality.

Last but not the least the customized unicorn themed cake and cookies. Where there are kids, the  set is a must.  Once you have confetti, party supplies, goodies bags and costumes  for kids in line, you can miss the center of attention of your party, oh yes  it's your kid, but  the next one is the cake. There are many bakeries and companies out there that can make a super amazing yet  yummilicious cake magical unicorn part. These unicorn cakes are simple yet adorable. There is no harm in saying that we have moved to a bandwagon.

With these guidelines we believe you can throw a stunning Unicorn birthday part. So, tell us when are you planning it? We love to share your party in which you are the event planner.